‘‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

  ~World Health Organization

The greatest wealth is health

bodyThe most important aspect which ensures that we live a longer and fulfilling life is the wellness of our body. We want a life whereby we are less susceptible to factors which destabilize our well-being. We don’t want to fall sick often or to have no confidence to the point of lacking proper socialization. We instead want a life whose quality is enhanced by a healthy lifestyle which we can afford comfortably, we also want to experience positive personal growth and development and also we want to be at a position to be able to realize our potentials and achieve our goals and ambitions.

Tanya Tanya
What about the poor people in the society, do they stand a chance of benefiting?

Hector Hector
The trouble with always trying to preserve the health of the body is that it is so difficult to do without destroying the health of the mind.

David David
Eat right, exercise regularly, die anyway.


‘‘A sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ”. 

~John Steinbeck

maseur wellnessThis means that all the four components necessary for the well-being of a person have to be monitored so that they can be at an optimal state which ensures a holistic wellness of a person.

Emotional Health – which entails the control of emotions under different circumstances and expressing them when it’s appropriate.

Mental Health – This entails the cognitive and intellectual capabilities of a person which enables one to be able to learn, grow and develop.

Physical Health – This entails the ability of the body to be in the right energy and mood free from diseases so that one can be able to carry out normal duties and activities productively.

Social Health – This entails the ability of a person to socialize and interact well with other people as well as the environment which should be accommodative while one should also be able to fit among other people and create good relationships with them. Only then will such a person lead a comfortable and fulfilling life.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.


hypnosisThis website was previously owned by Greg Wright who was a Certified Reflexologist, offering Reflexology sessions for health and wellness and his wife Trina Wright who was  a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing® Instructor, offering Hypnotherapy sessions and HypnoBirthing Classes.

These services that they offered were geared at ensuring that their clients experience what they termed as Radiant Wellbeing.

Below is a poem and a slogan which they envisioned, both of which they had on this website previously and I managed to recover it through the wayback machine


For yourself

A joyful life filled with beauty and peace

Living in spirit

Imagining the possibilities

Finding inspiration, appreciation, passion & freedom

Opening to imagination & creative energy

Filled with Love & happiness

Constantly growing & changing

A life of health & total wellness

Connecting with self & others

Honouring the balance between mind, body & spirit

“We desire to assist those searching for answers, those seeking more joy, and more understanding of themselves and their experience.  This may be a desire for healing of the physical body, the mind or the spirit.”

 A little description about what they did is also here below;

At Radiant Wellbeing we believe that change comes from within.  As such we see ourselves as partnering with our clients in facilitating change.  Using our skills in HypnoBirthing,  Hypnotherapy, EFT and Reflexology we enable individuals to bring about the changes they are looking for.  We believe in an integrated, balanced approach to total wellness.  Our own personal journeys have many times brought us in contact with many alternative therapies and products.  We believe that much exists in terms of healing of the body, mind and spirit, that is not universally accepted as fact or even visible, but IS experienced and felt.

Here is also a brief description about them:

About Trina Wright

I’m a mom of three wonderful children, sons Morgan 10, Makenzy 7, and daughter Monet 3.  We live in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Surrey, BC.  We spend our days growing and learning together.  I became drawn to pregnancy and birth because of my own wonderful, beautiful birth experiences. I knew I wanted to help other couples create their own peaceful, empowered birth experience by becoming a Childbirth Educator.  After much searching I found HypnoBirthing.  Its wonderful mix of relaxation techniques coupled with an understanding of the naturalness of birth resonated with me.  At the same time a whole new world opened up to me with the discovery of hypnosis. The simplicity of hypnosis, in its ease of use and effectiveness to bring about change to those seeking help, resonated with me.  The incredible power of the mind intrigues and fascinates me.  I have always been interested in healing and total wellness and drawn to matters of the spirit. I long to educate others about that power and the joy found in living consciously, choosing and creating one’s experience.  It was with this spirit that my husband and I joined together to conceive and create Radiant Wellbeing.  We see the beautiful melding of our practices coming together, Hypnotherapy approaching healing first through the mind and Reflexology first through the body.

About Gregg Wright

I have always been interested in alternative forms of healing, in particular natural and preventative methods.  I have worked most of my life as a tradesman, as a Printing Press Operator.  On my own healing journey I made a discovery that my spirit was being stifled .  In hearing the spirit in me I began searching for endeavors that were more in tune with my spiritual calling and involved natural healing.  I had a TouchPoint Reflexology book on my shelf that I had bought over 20 years ago and rediscovering it brought back all my interest and curiosity about this wonderful preventative and healing technique.  I decided to study Reflexology through Touchpoint and absolutely loved it; my spirit was joyous as I learned all these techniques for maintaining, promoting and returning the body to total wellness.  I love that such an easy, enjoyable technique can give such wonderful benefits.  This is the greatest reward of being a Reflexologist.  One of my biggest desires is to assist others in discovering the freedom to live life their way, creating happiness and satisfaction in their daily living.  So it is with the birth of Radiant Wellbeing that I see my opportunity as a Reflexologist, to support and facilitate others on their journey to healing.  I also thoroughly adore and enjoy my children. Their bright smiles and silly antics provide the “soul food” of my life.  They rejuvenate me and call me to be the best person I can be.

Jessica Jessica
This couple must have been lovely.


Here is also a short post about Total Wellness that they had on the site;

Since our second son was born, he has always been very active and spirited and at times this proved challenging.  We worked with his eating habits and did find it made a difference, but still wanted him to be able to manage that energy more. We began doing research and discovered that there was some suggestions that magnets may help.  We discovered a wonderful company that has been involved with Magnetic technologies for over 30 years.  We tried their magnetic mattress pad and within a few days was amazed at the difference in our son’s behavior.  He was much happier and calmer, as was the rest of the family.  We found this intriguing.  Initially we were a bit skeptical, but after using the mattress pad a bit longer we took it away and within a few days his energy quickly escalated.  We were convinced.

We than become interested in what else this company might have to offer.  My investigation lead me to discover the concept of a wellness home and an incredible business opportunity tied into the home.

As independent Wellness Consultants with the World’s leading Wellness Company, we have the opportunity to help people feel better – emotionally, physically or financially each day.  High-Tech wellness products, based on the earth’s natural laws, combine with a philosophy of life-long balance making it a pleasure to offer people help in the following areas and more:

  • better sleep
  • stress reduction
  • comfort
  • improved nutrition
  • safe, pure water at your fingertips
  • a more balance lifestyle
  • multiple sources of income- no more trading your time for money!

We see our role as Wellness educators, bringing this wonderful information to people in an easy, relaxed atmosphere for their consideration.  Let us show you how you can change your life and experience total wellness.

Currently I’m rebuilding this site after I found out that they had dropped the domain and I grabbed it and will be creating more interesting post on various alternative methods which promotes the well-being of people.